Democrat Phil Arballo Launches Second Ad “Golf” in CA-13 Primary

Calls Out Adam Gray’s Record of Trading Legislative Support for Campaign Cash

Fresno, CA— Today, Democratic candidate Phil Arballo released his second ad of the CA-13 primary entitled “Golf.” The ad focuses on opponent Adam Gray’s record of accepting gifts and trading campaign cash for legislative support during his time as a staffer and legislator in the California State Assembly.

Adam Gray has spent over a decade in Sacramento, initially serving as a staffer prior to being a member of the Assembly. During his time in the legislature Gray has:

With less than three weeks remaining until the election, this ad comes out as voters are poised to make their final choice in who they will be supporting in June. Arballo is continuing his strong ad buy, committing over $100,000 behind “Golf” between today and June 7th.

You can view “Golf” here:

On the release of the ad Arballo made the following statement:

“Adam Gray has proven time and time again that he is in bed with special interests and cares more about his corporate donors than the working families in the Central Valley. He’s gotten a free pass by Democratic voters for the last ten years and it’s about time he’s held accountable for his record. Gray’s shown that he’ll vote for anything, no matter how much it harms his constituents. We deserve a representative who will stand up for everyday people, fight for a clean environment and put our families first, and I look forward to being that person.”

About Phil:

Phil Arballo is a lifelong Central Valley resident and he and his wife Cynthia are raising their two children in the same community he grew up in. Raised by a single mother, Phil was the first in his family to attend college, working minimum wage jobs to pay his own way through Fresno State. He believes we need an economy that offers middle-class families a pathway to good-paying jobs, supports our local farming communities and gives everyone a fair shot at success. 

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