Statement from Phil Arballo on the Loss of 21 Lives in Uvalde Texas

Fresno, CA— Yesterday, under tragic circumstances, another 21 innocent lives, 19 children, and two adults were lost at the hands of a school shooter. The events that took place in Uvalde were the 30th shooting in a K-12 school in 2022, and the deadliest since Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012. 

Phil Arballo, father, and candidate for California’s 13th congressional district, released the following statement regarding the senseless loss of life:

“Cynthia & I are heartbroken. For the parents & families that are forever broken, for the educators & first responders who thought they were just showing up for another day of work, and most of all, for the children and teachers who needlessly lost their lives in this act of violence. It’s devastating as a father and an American that we live in a society where this happens on an all to regular basis.

Like countless parents & guardians across the country, we know the excruciating feeling of dropping our kids off at their schools in the morning praying that we will see them again at the end of the day. We hear the fear in their voice, concerned that something similar may happen to them or their friends in a place they should be completely safe.

I’m tired of politicians selling us a line and not taking action to fix a problem we can actually address. How many more times does this need to happen before our leaders in Washington act? We can’t wait any longer. Congress must expand background checks, increase the legal age to purchase a firearm and reinstitute the assault-weapons ban – anything less is inexcusable.

Our children deserve better. We can’t afford to send another politician who’s in the pocket of the NRA & gun lobby to Washington. As parents and as Americans we must demand change, it’s inexcusable that families still live in fear after decades of preventable violence. Inaction is unconscionable and those blindly voting for the gun lobby must be held accountable.”