Phil Arballo Slams Latest Devin Nunes Lawsuit Against Media Critics

Fresno, CA – After spending the past four years peddling false right-wing conspiracy theories, undercutting Congress’ investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and suing political rivals and critics, Devin Nunes has filed another baseless lawsuit against NBC Universal, claiming that talk show host Rachel Maddow defamed him. This desperate lawsuit comes on the heels of Nunes’ failed attempts to silence other media critics, which include: McClatchy, the former parent company of the Fresno Bee, CNN, the Washington Post and journalist Ryan Lizza.

Phil Arballo, Nunes’ Democratic challenger, released the following statement on Nunes’ continued attacks against critics:

“Devin Nunes is absent from the Central Valley and absent from reality. Instead of having a representative that’s focused on helping our region dig out from COVID, getting our kids safely back in school and providing our small businesses and farmers with the relief they need, Devin is busy looking out for Devin. As he demonstrated on January 6th when he helped incite a deadly riot on our capitol, Devin Nunes is unhinged and a danger to our Democracy.”

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