Phil Arballo is a Champion for Working People

Democrats primarily in the Sacramento Media Market

And Secondarily in the Fresno Media Market in English

First Need to read—that Phil Arballo is the only Democrat in this race that we can count on to stand up to Donald Trump and right-wing Republicans.

Phil grew up in the Central Valley and was raised by a single mother and was the first in his family to graduate college, working minimum wage jobs to put himself through Fresno State before becoming a small business owner. Phil says that we need new leaders in Congress who will stand up to the career politicians and special interests, which is why he rejects all corporate campaign contributions.

In Congress, Phil will fight to:

  • Eliminate tax giveaways for billionaires and cut taxes for the middle class
  • Make health care affordable for all
  • Strengthen gun safety laws
  • Take real action on climate change

But More Importantly, Democratic Primary Voters also need to read that Adam Gray Sold Out to Special Interests, No Matter how it Hurts Working People

Gray stood with Trump on oil. As gas prices skyrocket, Adam Gray took $200,000 from Big Oil and Corporate Polluters and helped them make record profits including supporting Trump policies that pollute our water.

  • Gray stood with Donald Trump in efforts to block clean water laws sayingIn going after Trump, California is going too far.” (1)
  • Gray voted against a law that would have lowered gas prices (1C)
  • Gray voted against keeping oil production a safe distance from schools and hospitals. (2)

Just like Trump, Gray is Against Equal Pay for Women (3)

  • Adam Gray voted against equal pay for women and Latinas (3). He also voted against paid family leave for workers (4) and against a bill to protect workers from being fired for being a victim of harassment (5).

Gray Sold out to Landlords

  • Adam Gray took thousands in campaign contributions from landlords and then voted to allow them to evict renters without cause (6).

Gray sold out to Payday Lenders

  • Adam Gray took thousands from payday lenders and voted to protect sky-high interest rates designed to trap people into debt—loans that often target the military and working families. (7).


  1.  Defending Trump: Gray Op-Ed said California Was Going “Too Far” In “Going After Trump” On Environmental Legislation. In a September 2019 op-ed, Gray wrote, “California has made a sport of disagreeing with President Trump. When he tweets his favorite color is red, one of my progressive colleagues inevitably introduces a bill declaring the best color is blue. So it was somewhat surprising when legislative leaders decided to use the President’s worst habit—ignoring real science and concrete facts—as a model for priority legislation. Senate Bill 1 by Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins would require that California ignore new scientific findings on natural resources and water issued after January 19, 2017, the day before the Trump took office.” [CalMatters, 9/10/19] –
    1. Gray votes against SB1
    1.   13350. (a) A person who (1) violates a cease and desist order, cleanup and abatement order, waste discharge requirement, waiver condition, certification, or other order or prohibition issued, reissued, or amended by a regional board or the state board, or (2) causes or permits any oil or any residuary product of petroleum to be deposited in or on any of the waters of the state, except in accordance with waste discharge requirements or other actions or provisions of this division, shall be liable civilly, and remedies may be proposed, in accordance with subdivision (d) or (e).
    1.  Consumer Watchdog and legislative advocates argue SB 350 would have lowered prices by lowering demand
  • Oil and Gas Safety in Schools: In January 2020, Gray voted against AB 345, which “Would have established health and safety buffer zones surrounding oil and gas drilling by requiring a minimum setback distance between oil and gas facilities and sensitive sites such as homes, schools, daycares, playgrounds, hospitals, and health clinics.” [; AB 345, 1/27/20]
  • Gray voted against equal pay for women multiple times: including equal pay for Latinas on 06/28/2016
  • Gray voted twice against paid family leave for workers: In August 2020, Gray voted against SB 1383. [SB 1383, 8/31/20 Under Senate Bill 1383 by state Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara), employees who work for a company with five or more workers would be eligible to take 12 weeks of job-protected leave. Currently, companies with 50 or more employees are required to provide 12 weeks of leave to care for a family member. The threshold for parental leave is lower, allowing 12 weeks of job-protected time off for workers at companies with 20 or more employees.” [Los Angeles Times, 7/2/20]
  • Gray voted against a bill to protect workers from being fired for being a victim of harassment: In May 2018, Gray voted against AB 3081. [AB 3081, 5/31/18] AB 3081 would have “prohibited an employer from discharging or in any manner discriminating or retaliating against an employee because of the employee’s status as a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, or stalking.” [Equal Rights Advocates]
  • Landlords: The California Apartment Association PAC has contributed at least $28,500 to Gray. [] In 2019, Gray voted against AB 1482, which the California Labor Federation described as capping rent increases to prevent rent gouging and requiring just cause for eviction. [; AB 1482, 9/11/19]
  • Payday Lenders: In May 2018, Gray voted against AB 2500 as it failed on an Assembly floor vote. [AB 2500, 5/31/18] AB 2500 “would protect California families from abusive high-cost installment loans, including those made by car title lenders… AB 2500 limits the cost of interest and credit insurance to no more than 36% annually, while allowing an origination fee, for loans of $2,500 to $5,000.” [Center for Responsible Lending, 4/3/18]
  • As of Feb 2022, the National Institute on Money in Politics listed Gray’s campaign committees as receiving $190,585 in contributions from the oil and gas industry. [] They list an additional $25,000 in contributions from the oil and gas industry going to Gray’s “Valley Solutions” ballot measure committee. [].