Newly Drawn District Map Shows Nunes’ Days Are Numbered

Democrat Phil Arballo in position to oust Devin Nunes from key California swing district

(Fresno, CA): The California Citizens Redistricting Commission’s proposed congressional map puts GOP Rep. Devin Nunes’ reelection chances in serious peril. The draft map from the commission places Nunes in a hotly contested swing district instead of his traditionally safe Central Valley seat, setting up Democrat Phil Arballo to deliver the knockout blow that Democrats have been craving.

“Central Valley residents are desperate for leadership in Washington that Devin Nunes utterly lacks,” said Ryan Mulcahy, Arballo’s campaign manager. “The commission’s proposed map is further evidence that Nunes’ time being a lousy representative of California’s 22nd district will be over soon. Phil Arballo is ready for this fight to defeat Nunes. He looks forward to being a representative who, unlike Nunes, works hard on behalf of middle-class families and prioritizes bringing good-paying jobs to the Central Valley.”

The proposed CA-22 map includes a significantly larger portion of the City of Fresno, and adds the communities of Hanford and Lemoore. Outside of a tiny section of Fresno, the current district map is largely rural.

After winning reelection by an average of 30+ points for nearly two decades, Nunes has proven to be among California’s most endangered congressmen. Arballo, the 2020 democratic candidate, came within single digits of defeating Nunes and received more votes than any Democrat ever. Arballo’s grassroots campaign has raised over $900,000 this cycle from more than 21,000 individual donors.

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