Protecting Our Democracy

The most basic responsibility of any elected official is to protect our democracy. Unfortunately, partisan figures across the country are passing laws undermining the right to vote.

We must pass voter protection laws like the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act to ensure that everyone in this country who is eligible to vote is able to access their rights without needing to navigate unnecessary, discriminatory, and unconstitutional roadblocks. To do that, we need to elect representatives who share our democratic values. In Congress, Phil will be a strong voice for your right to vote.

Our elected officials should represent us. Since Citizens United, when the Supreme Court decided to allow corporations and the ultra-wealthy to spend unlimited money to influence our elections, we have seen the lengths people will go to ensure only their voices are represented in Washington.

It’s time to put the power in our democracy back in the hands of the people by passing comprehensive campaign finance reform like the For the People Act. Phil has taken a no corporate PAC pledge, and in Congress, Phil will fight to get dark money out of our politics.

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