District 22 Challenger Plans To Fundraise For Defendants Named In Nunes’ Lawsuit



Congressman Devin Nunes announced last week he’s suing a group of constituents who contend his title of “farmer” is inaccurate. Tuesday, democratic challenger Phil Arballo said he would help raise money for a legal defense fund to fight those lawsuits. 

Standing outside of Nunes’ Clovis Office, Arballo directed his words to the absent congressman: “If you’re going to sue anyone, sue me.”

Last year, Reedley farmer Paul Buxman, along with Daniel O’Connell and Hope Nisly, challenged Nunes’s ballot designation as a farmer, but a judge denied the claim. They are three of the defendants named in Nunes’s lawsuit, along with Michael Seeley. 

In his remarks, Arballo also challenged Nunes to a debate. The congressman’s office and campaign did not reply to requests for comment.


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