California Environmental Voters Endorse Democrat Phil Arballo in CA-13 Race

Fresno, CA— Today, Democrat Phil Arballo, running in California’s 13th Congressional District, announced he has been endorsed by the California Environmental Voters, previously the California League of Conservation Voters. This endorsement marks a strong contrast between Arballo and Democratic challenger Adam Gray, who has taken over $200,000 from big oil and corporate polluters over the course of his career in Sacramento. Gray even defended Trump and his administration when he sold Americans out to the worst corporate polluters who threaten our water.

Phil Arballo, the 2020 Democratic nominee against Devin Nunes had the following to say upon receiving the endorsement:

“I’m humbled to be endorsed by the California Environmental Voters, our environment is a precious resource that the Central Valley relies upon to thrive, and we need to protect it for generations to come. I look forward to working with them in Congress to ensure that we are working towards a green economy that serves everyone, not just the corporate elite.”

California Environmental Voters Political Director, Mike Young, made the following statement in regards to Araballo’s endorsement:

“Phil Arballo is the leader the Central Valley needs in Congress to protect our environment and health. Phil knows the struggles that working families face in our communities and what they need to thrive. For too long Central Valley communities have been represented by politicians who put corporate polluters & big oil interests ahead of the community, and it’s time for a change. CA Environmental Voters is proud to endorse Phil Arballo and help bring another clean energy advocate to Congress.”

About Phil:

Phil Arballo is a lifelong Central Valley resident and he and his wife Cynthia are raising their two children in the same community he grew up in. Raised by a single mother, Phil was the first in his family to attend college, working minimum wage jobs to pay his own way through Fresno State. He believes we need an economy that offers middle-class families a pathway to good-paying jobs, supports our local farming communities, and gives everyone a fair shot at success. 

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